Come To Call

Mystic WatersI’m not afraid, if its dark that finds me.

The lights I’ve seen it, the fear exists there. Unknown it keeps me and I hold on not for me, but for those who love me.

The light it’s searching and waits for me, but I refuse it slips away until it tricks me. I see it coming and step behind, fore I dare not step into the light I do not deem me worthy. I am not ready, fore I am still not where I am meant to be, for many have tied chains to me and dragged me backwards.

I could die tomorrow, would they not miss me?

The evil seeds inside their mysteries and I hide my eyes for their evil sickens me. Their cowls of calls they turn me inward and I claw at curtains to save what’s in me. My light is dimming, but this strength is blinding. God has built me and with his hands he molds my shape and in this I know and trust what’s in me.

I always believed in my purpose, having an illness undefined has slowed me, but slow as it may, I rise above thee. Hold me back, I dare you not hold me.

Ropes they cast me, but reflexes protect me.

There will be a day, not any day but a day of great importance and this day will bring about new light and new love that shines from mountain top to mountain top and fill the oceans of clean water and green grass grown through valleys left in flames.

I will rise beyond Gods sea and spread the word of those who need and someday I will shine your way.

Not yet

” Wait for me” With candles lit in darkened skies, for every loss you bare within thee, for hope, for light that shines within you. Candles up towards the moon.

Walk through foggy eyes of rainbows, shine in star light and there the answers come to call.

Those who have fallen of broken wings will call, you are heard.


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