I had my EEG done yesterday, I didn’t blog because I haven’t really been feeling well. I don’t get much sleep anymore and life isn’t really treating me too well.

I got to the hospital and they laid me in a bed and hooked my head to 27 wired things for the test and turned off the lights in the room. The lady told me to open and close my eyes a lot and then to rest and it was ok if I dosed off for the test. Then she asked me to breathe faster and deeper than normal for 3 minutes straight and I started to feel light-headed and tingle in my toes and fingers. After I was finished that I felt my eyes roll back and then remember my head hurting and my chest shaking.

She told me she was going to flash lights now and moved the lights in front of my eyes and told me to close them and began that. I didn’t like the lights either. I was tired and my head hurt and I was ready for it to all be done. After the test she unhooked me and I was able to leave and felt wobbly and tired and out of it. disoriented.

I hear the results from my doctor in a week I am told, so I just have to wait for my doctors phone call I guess.


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