I Cheated Me Captain Morgan

I hate to confess this but I had a taste of rum other than the captain and I enjoyed it too much. I fear what the captain may think of this. Do you think he will forgive me?

I love Rum.

I went to a family BBQ today and had a good ole time, at first it wasn’t that great because I felt like I usually do where I am invisible and not heard amongst a larger crowd. It happens. Then I drank some rum and my Aura went away that I was having and I began to be open and silly as I am when I’m comfortable around people because that’s what the captain does to me. I get more me, haha.

But then I ran out of my Captain and had dip into another selection I was offered and it was good. Really good stuff. It was Appleton Estate, or something like that. Yummy, I really liked it. Maybe I was just drunk of the captain and would have liked anything, but it was damn good stuff.

My step dad has a boat on his shelf, it’s not an actual boat just a… um, decorative one, if you know what I am even saying here. I wanted to write on it Captain Morgan and get a little figurine of that captain for it and one of myself with captains arm around little me. That would be cool.

I really want one now.

I played football and by that I mean threw it around and played the bongos and sang and danced with a stuffed BC lions monkey and ate a yummy burger and potato salad.

I had a really good time. I’ve had a hard time lately and it was nice to just let loose and just enjoy life and have fun with family. I wasn’t ignored and didn’t feel so invisible after I was open and cool with a taste of Rum on me tongue. Maybe my shyness slows me down. Haha

NAHHHH ! :p Rum just speeds me up 🙂

Cheers “To the Captain”


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