A Systematic Tale

Blue-Mermaid-mermaids-34153261-1600-900Over mountains and beyond the trees, beneath the enchanted waters lives a mermaid of a blue fin. Her hair of purple and eyes of green, her Chrystal skin illuminates in every wave. The waters sway as the tides roll in, off the shore of Mesko Portal.

Olive lives beneath the rocks of a cave below, where the darkest waters hide her glow. She sleeps alone and swims a shore to peer at human creatures.

Loneliness dawns on her every night the sun falls and by morning light she swims the sea and explores what treasures unfold.

I’ve always been a curious fin and I grew up on land until one day when I was over looking the waters from a mountain top. It was a rainy day and the sky was grey and all the clouds were moving in. i stared blankly at the sky as tears filled my eyes and slowly seeped from the creases, my hands caught them in their fall.

I was sad that day in particular, life was confusing and dark. I didn’t understand much about life and what was happening to me. All I knew was that the walls of my world were closing in and the pressure pushed on me from the outside and I began to cave inward. I didn’t recognize myself, or the people around me. I was detached from everything.

There I stood on the mountain top, my bare beef in the rocky sand that cradled my toes in step. I felt the breeze through my long blond hair and the kiss of raindrops drown me.

The sky parted and the light shone down and blinded me from its distance. The wind-swept me from the rocky sand and took flight to my feet and I fell over the edge to the blue water below that caught me. I sunk down deep and the water turned black and nothing but darkness surrounded me. I was not me anymore and nothing I knew was known. I was alone and a part from myself and then he came to me.

A man I knew deep down, but I wondered how as I gazed into his eyes so blue. They glimmered of light so brightly that I could make out my reflection. He spoke to me and I found it muffled or distant and at that moment realized I had no breath. I kicked and punched the water with all that was left of my life and fought to rise to shore, but the waters darkness won and I let go of all it took.

There in the water I floated deeper and my eyes stayed open in my decent. I waited patiently for life to cast me outward, but I stayed in the body I bore.

A glimmering flicker began at a distance and moved in closer to me . My ears began ringing as I watched it approach me and make out the outline of hope.  Hope was a creature I did not recognize, it was a light force of course. An angel to take me to what was beyond what I was, but my legs began to tingle and glow into crystals and transform as a fin. My hair swirled around me the color changing to purple and my skin shined brightly from shore.

I was a mermaid, but not just any ordinary mermaid that swims the sea in secret. I was a systematic mermaid for I was a human who became a mermaid because my life became so much more. I have purpose and I know who I am and my adventures I begin to explore.

And… it is here where my journey begins.


3 thoughts on “A Systematic Tale

  1. What a great post! I just followed you to stay updated on your future posts and I look forward to them. I recently started my own personal blog, so feel free to check out my profile where you’ll find my blog and social media sites.

    Have a great day 😀

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