Ten More Random Facts About Me

1. I have a huge phobia of bees and most insects.

2. Bunnies are creepy to me, as are clowns, but for humor I once dressed as a clown for Halloween and danced in a supermarket where people gave me candy.

3. I have stolen once in my life, it was a shirt and a pair of pants because my family was poor and I never got to get new clothes for school.

4. I have an allergy to watermelon.

5. I’ve never been on a plane or a train before.

6. I once brought a bag of bubble bath with me into a hot tub at a rec center and released it and then got out and watched the bubbles form around a few old ladies in the hot tub. The rec center had to shut the pools down to clean out the hot tub and stop the bubbles before they went into the large wave pool.

7. I secretly want to be a singer/songwriter but never feel I am good enough.

8. I find it hard to take compliments because I think people are lying.

9. I don’t know what a happy family really looks like.

10. I have never been swept off my feet by anyone.

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