What The Sims Has Taught Me

– If there is a chair in the way of an entrance there is no way around it.

– Peeing yourself is a normal occurrence.

– If your broke you can sell a window or door to buy some food.

-You can’t sleep with someone unless you are in a relationship.

– If you have an argument, forgiveness will never happen.

– If somethings on fire, stare at it and jump around yelling with your hands in the air until someone comes.

– If the day is going by too slowly, just fast forward.

– Building a wall around someone you don’t like will solve the problem.

-No ladder in the pool, there is no way out and you will drown.

– You can’t eat unless someone controls you to.

– You don’t need to change your clothes to have a baby and it only takes a few minutes.

-Your new born can’t leave the house with you.

– Spinning around will change your outfit.

-Talking to yourself in the mirror will give you better social skills and confidence.

-Woohoo means sex.

– When your naked your private parts get censored out. “So that’s why it’s legal to walk around topless here.” lol :p

I love the sims I am very much looking forward to getting the sims 4 when it comes out Dec/Jan. 🙂



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