Doctor Visit

Today I went into my doctors and found out my neurologist appointment wont be until March 15 2015. That’s a long time from now, but that was expected because there is always a long waiting list for that sort of thing.

I had a seizure last night and this morning so my doctor told me to spread my meds out by taking one at each meal and then he told me to up it to four pills a day so one at night as well. Sigh.

Tomorrow before my first dose I have to go into the lab and get blood work done to test my levels. Or what ever its for, I don’t know, I am kind of clueless and learning as I go, all this is very new to me. The good thing is, that I don’t have any tumors or anything like that. Thank goodness.

Four pills holy cow, I didn’t think you could take that many and that I would need so much to control this.

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