Trouble Maker

1. When I lived in a trailer park in Elko Nevada, I was 13 I believe and my younger brother who was only younger by a year told me that the trailer behind us was empty because the people passed away and they owner told him that he could go inside and take anything because it was going to be thrown out anyways.

I of course believed him and followed him over and he climbed into a window and I thought that was strange and asked why we didn’t use the front door if the owner was okay with it? He responded that the door lock was jammed and we would have to use the window instead if we really wanted to look around.

I followed him inside and began looking around and collecting things that I wanted and suddenly we heard a police car siren coming closer and my brother grabbed my hand which caused me to drop everything I was holding. He pulled me to the window and told me to run and then he jumped out and started running yelling for me to hurry up. “Oh SHIT!” I responded as I leaped out the window, “I thought were allowed to take stuff?” I ran after him.

“Kind of funny”

And yes we got away. :p

2. My friends had a theory that if you folded a twist tie, you know the ones that you get from the bulk section in the grocery store that are white. If you fold them a bunch of times and insert them into a candy machine… that it would cause the machine to keep turning, hence giving you candy or goodies without the use of a quarter.

I being the brave one, ha. By the way I was 14 I guess at this time. I decided I would try and test the theory out, so I went to the grocery store and inserted my creation of a twist tie and began turning it. I was with one of my friends as a witness. The machine kept turning and I kept getting goodies coming out. I would place the plastic ball with a prize inside on the bench near by and kept turning it and getting more until I had about 50 set out on the bench. Two security guards walked over to us and smirked. I smiled at them and one of them pointed up to a camera in the upper corner of the entry, “Did you know there was a camera there?”

I responded, “Yes.”

He grabbed my arm and the other grabbed my friends arm and they walked us through the store towards the back of the store. “I thought it was odd how the machine kept giving you more with one quarter.” The guard holding me said, “Apparently if you fold a twist tie just right it acts as an ongoing quarter.”

“Why did you keep turning it, didn’t you think you’d get caught?” He asked me. “I was curious how many I could get to come out.”

He tried not to laugh and pulled me in through the double doors of the back of the store with my friend and sat us down.

“We’ll be calling your parents.” They said.

I leaned back in my chair smirking, “That’s okay by me. I didn’t steal, the prizes didn’t actually leave the store. In fact I never even attempted to steal them, I just wanted to see how many I could get to come out. It isn’t my fault the machines aren’t secure enough.”

My friend kicked my leg and told me to stop smart mouthing them because I was going to get them in more trouble. I laughed and responded, “They can’t do anything, we didn’t steal. Their just trying to scare us.”

“It’s working.” She said. “Ha, I’m not scared.” I said.

My mom ended up picking me up and the store told me not to do that again. I told them that they should consider changing how easily the machines can be fooled.

3. When I was 14 and was going to school I had a group of friends and they I guess were considered bad apples according to the teachers. I liked my girl friends though. We had a lot of fun together. I’ll have to tell you a story from that some time. :p

Another time.

So the male principle of the school told me that I should consider making different friends. He kept pressing that I not hang out with the group I did because it would make me look bad as well and I told him that it wasn’t up to him who I hung out with and that was that.

One day he called me into his office to discuss with me further about it and I sat in the chair across from his large desk with a big smirk on my face. He tried harder to convince me that I shouldn’t hang around my friends and I said, “do I tell you who you can be friends with?”

He began to threaten me saying that he was going to suspend me, if I kept my attitude up.

“Go ahead, I need a vacation.”

He tapped his finger on a file on the desk, and threatened it again and I handed him a pen.

“Sign me out of school if that’s what you like. I don’t mind. I hate school. A vacation is just what I need.”

He sat in silence for a minute and I grabbed the many pencils that were in the cup on his desk and threw one up and it stuck to his office ceiling. I thought that was hysterical and starting throwing the others up. He was growing more angry telling me to stop being a smart ass and put the pencils down. I ignored and continued as I was. He shot up from his desk and pointed to the door, “GET OUT!”

“Alright!” I said excitedly. He followed me out and I asked him whether he wanted me to go home or back to class and he said, “Just go!”

“okay, back to class it is.”

I walked away and heard him mumble to his secretary, “I really hate that girl”

Good thing was that he never bothered me again after that. When I finally moved and left the school I went into the bathroom grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll and took it with me leaving it as a trail.


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