Electrical Brain Storms

My EEG a few months ago came back showing seizure activity in the frontal lobes. I was diagnosed with Partial Seizures which have on occasion transitioned into complex and grand-mal seizures.

Everyone has a different experience during their seizures, and I will explain a little bit about what I go through to the best of my ability.

Growing up as I mentioned in previous blogs I never knew that what I was experiencing were seizures and no one around me even knew that they were. I remember even having wet the bed on certain occasions when I was eleven during the night and now I know that it was because I had night seizures which I still do get on occasion. My doctor at that time had said it was because I had a weak bladder.

My partial seizures effect quite a bit because they are located in my frontal lobes which have a lot to do with your sensory department. I will smell things that aren’t really there, see things that aren’t really there.I will even feel sensations that aren’t really there. I wander sometimes. I have trouble swallowing. My sight will be blurred or glossy looking. I will get an extreme feeling of fear rush over me and panic. Noises can be quite uncomfortable for me.I have trouble speaking.

Over the years my seizures have become different. Lately my Partial seizures begin with a pain in my head that feels like electricity pulsating through my brain and it will get so strong that all I can hear is the pulsing and all that exists is that. Sometimes it will come in clusters and they will intensify in pain and discomfort until my body feels heavy and my chest begins to rise and cave without my control and my breath gets faster and harder to catch. My eyes feel pulled back into my head and all that exists is the electricity and I can’t stand. I fall. I can’t talk, I try, but I can’t and then I am waking from a nap and feel groggy. Ug.. having one right now. That electrical feeling. That’s the thing with Partials that is so uncomfortable, I can tell you when I am having one, even during it except if the…. okay had to pause there it got too intense. As I was saying.

I had two seizures today a part from the 15 Partials that I have had. I am on two – two hundred mg of Carbamazepine a day and Three – 250 mg  of Valproic acid a day and I am still having issues. I will have to continue to find the best medication and dosage for my seizures, but so far I haven’t.

I do notice that on my time release of Carbamazepine I feel more.. “Normal” I guess I can put it. Though I still suffer from memory issues and I still have trouble thinking but that’s when a partial is present. Take the good with the bad.

I’m thankful that they are getting a little better, it gives me hope.

Life is too short to worry about all the bad and lose sight of all the good. I don’t want to do that anymore. I know that God has a plan for me.

3 thoughts on “Electrical Brain Storms

  1. sounds like everything is a bit stressful right now. Glad you know now is not the time to be weaned off the drugs. Smart lady. Sometimes we dont know why we are going through trials but we know who will help us through them

  2. Thanks Mandy. I’m not sure if I’m any smarter than before but I’ve spent awhile checking out the meds you mentioned and compared them to the symptoms your experiencing. No doubt in my mind you’ve got your hands full. Those are some pretty powerful drugs. The first one especially is bad with drinking so I’m glad your not drinking any more. The side effects with the second one sound like that stuff can really upset your tummy and intestines. Oh heck.. it’s easier to just cut and paste. lol
    The most common adverse effects of valproic acid are digestive complaints like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and indigestion; vision problems like seeing double or lazy eye; hormonal disturbances (increased testosterone production in females and menstrual irregularities), hair loss, memory problems, weight gain, infections, low platelet count (which can make one bleed more easily), dizziness, drowsiness, tremor and headache.
    Does any of that stuff sound familiar? I mean are you experiencing any of them? Some I guess I would notice in videos and haven’t but.. Things like weight gain would be easy to see on a slim girl like you. Which reminds me… You look great. As usual, you got most of your old figure back after having Teddy.
    Speaking of Teddy. I can’t imagine how you can look after the boys if your having blackouts and stuff. It must be a bit scary to be cooking and lose track of what your doing.
    It’s the middle of the night right now. I’m not sure why I’m up writing this. I guess it’s just that I’m concerned for you. I’m glad your writing all this. I’m slowly learning whats going on and how much its affecting your life.
    You mentioned in a previous blog that some of your time was taken up by court. Without going into a lot of detail, Are you there with a ex husband or ex bf? Sorry, you know how nosy I am. Feel free to tell me its none of my darn business. Keep blogging. It’s the best way for us to know your ok. Thanks

    1. Yeah the valpor acid drug definantly causes a few things. Head ache but ive always suffered from that. Ive had an infection. Memory issues are either from it or the seisures ive had. My doctor/neologist both want to wean me off of this one and just have me one the one. However that time isnt now.

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