Epilepsy Almost Car Crash

I saw my Neurologist today which consisted of a long drive there by my step dad. It was poring down rain today which made driving harder. I’ll tell you about that a bit later into the blog.

When I saw my neurologist he as my other doctor acted as though he hadn’t a clue what he had told me on the phone. Why these doctors never know anything is beyond me, “am I going nuts?”

So I went over everything that I have been experiencing and he is taking me off Valporic Acid as I wanted to be and uping my dosage of Carbomazpine. “I hate spelling.” Even spell check doesn’t have a clue.

So because my medications haven’t been working well for me, well.. to a dr.s stand point I’m now going to have to see the Epilepsy clinic where I will have more testing done. “SIGH”

Brain monitors instead of heart ones. “This should be interesting and weird.

I will have another EEG done and then see a doctor there who will tell me a break down of what he gathers from it and then go from there. I am not looking forward to it. It just seems like a never ending thing I have to go through and the place is so far.

Why is everything so far away from where I live?

On the way back home in the pouring rain my step dad accidentally went through a red light and that could have been bad. I was kind of out of it. I don’t know if I was falling asleep or having minor seizures. “Who knows these days huh.” but it went on for most of the way home.

2 thoughts on “Epilepsy Almost Car Crash

  1. Doctors can be a pain to deal with but it will be worth it when they get your meds straightened out and you feel so much better. A brain monitor huh, lucky monitor will get to see how creative you really are. havent heard of a brain monitor so would be interesting to hear how it works. Maybe it was a good thing that you were “kind of out of it” when he ran through the light. I bet you were just dozing, the rain does that to me. If i had been awake and was almost in an accident there would have to have a clean up on isle five.

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