Santa Stroller Pain

I went shopping with my mom and we looked for Christmas gifts. Well I did and she window shopped along side of me. Its always nice shopping with my mom because she never rushes me and she enjoys browsing at things. I love shopping at a some what slow pace. Its nice because I don’t want to miss anything and its interesting to see everything.

I found a few gifts and stocking stuffers and growled at the stroller because its beginning to get too hard to push my two around in it, especially since Teddy likes to drag his feet in front. I can hardly turn the stroller now so I will need to come up with something. Its my only way to get around. Its practically my car. And yes I have my license for that.

My mom convinced me to take the kids up to see Santa and so she took Teddy up and I was surprised that he actually sat right beside him in his sleigh, I decided to take Niki up but he wanted nothing to do with him, which didn’t surprise me at all. It was kind of a pain getting the boys back down though and back into the stroller. I hate stress and hassles. I am glad the boys got to see Santa but the whole day was kind of a pain because of my stroller. I hate it.


3 thoughts on “Santa Stroller Pain

  1. I am sure its just because the boys are getting bigger and some strollers just arent built to handle larger children. Their are some other means out their and I am sure you will find one. You need to reduce your stress. It is Christmas after all and a bright star like you needs to shine.

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