Stroller phenomenon

I am quite the funny one sometimes. Remember how I mentioned in a later vlog, or was it a “past vlog?”

My double stroller was really giving me grief and it would not turn well and it was much harder to push and unless my kids gained a lot of weight in the prior days how was it that difficult to steer?

I began searching online for a new double stroller, I looked on craigslist which is known for having great stuff for cheap. I also looked at online stores, like Walmart.

It was about that time again when I had to go out and get more milk and I dreaded it. I had to though, this was my only means of transportation, not like I get to ride or anything. I’m the driver. The flint stone kind, but none the less a driver.

I got the kids all bundled up and settled in the double stroller and I was just about to leave when I glanced at the front wheels and something came to me. It took me a minute but then I went to them and knelt down and saw that their was some kind of switch thingy and I pushed it down and also the one on the other front tire. “Hmm.” I thought and went to the steering wheel. (The bar to push.) I began moving the stroller this way and that in my small hallway and I realized what the problem was.

“I had the front wheels in half-lock. The weren’t completely locked but they were locked enough that my strolled thought it was in break and it was making it hard to steer and push.

Now the problem is solved and I went out and back without any problems.

“Go figure eh?”

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