Ecoptic Pregnancy or a Cyst?

January 6th I awoke at 3am with a really bad pain in the left side of my pelvic/abdomen area that radiated into my back. It woke me up and kept me up all night and continued into the morning. I made an appointment with my doctor but I couldn’t get into the office until 2pm and I decided to go into the ER instead after my mom and dad had told me it was probably the best thing to do since the pain was increasing.

When I got there I had to wait of course and saw nurses who took my urine sample and blood sample and then I was finally able to see a doctor after about two hours of being there, might have been three. He was worried it was an ecoptic pregnancy or a cyst. That was worry some because both scenario were bad to me. He did a physical exam and still didn’t know which was it, the pregnancy tests he said were negative, he said he thinks they were. He said he felt something so he scheduled me for an ultrasound which wont even take place until January 28ths. It’s a long way off. This is serious stuff and it’s going to take this long?

I took a home pregnancy test on January 8th which was negative but my period has not come yet, which was due two days ago. I am a tad worried but can do nothing about it until I get the ultrasound. I am worried, can you blame me?

It could be a cyst which could be cancer, can it not? It makes me sad. I had already went through a scare like that and here I go again. Or it could be a pregnancy? That scares me to, because if it’s ecoptic it means surgery and if it is like my mother where the egg got through the tubes somehow to create a normal pregnancy I would have to abort it which I am strongly against. It would break my heart. The seizure meds I’m on are very bad for pregnancy and my chromozone issue, how could life be so cruel?

I am worried and don’t know why the doctors are making me wait so long to find out what is going on. The pain has subsided but I still feel a sting of it every here and there, I feel something is wrong, but I can’t tell what. I don’t know how serious, I just want to find out now what is going on so I can stop it early and I am so afraid it is what my mom went through and will have to face the hardest decision of my life and end a life so that it will not have a hard life because of my meds and chromozone issue. 😦

I hope everything works out for the good in the end.

Please pray for me.

One thought on “Ecoptic Pregnancy or a Cyst?

  1. I’m praying for you. I think that because of the nature of a ectopic cyst it’s possible for your hormones not to change as they would in a normal pregnancy. You might even have a period without if affecting the embryo that is not where it belongs. When you shed the endomitrial layer of your uterus that’s not going to be in your tubes so the problem stays and you see a sign that says your not pregnant.
    I’m not sure what to think is the most hopeful way to look at this. I guess the worst thing to expect is a cancer of some kind. Ovarian cancer is what we will pray against. A pregnancy, while you don’t want to end one is still something that must be done cause neither you or the baby could survive trying to keep it I think. A cyst is a fairly easy problem that might not even require surgery.
    So…. while I still think it totally sucks that you have to wait two weeks to find out whats really going on. I will pray that they change their mind on delaying that long. Perhaps they will see that the stress the delay is causing is triggering seizures and get you in sooner.
    Anywho… I’m praying

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