Neighbor complaints

It’s been a tad stressful where I am living because there is a very rude couple that lives next door to me who complains about my kids being noisy and I try so hard not to make any noise but its kind of hard when you have two little boys and one of them is autistic.

Both my boys have trouble at night time because I can’t sleep train them so it is a constant struggle to get them to sleep each night and each day I have to put up with the neighbors next door yelling at us to shut up and it will be day time even. If they see me in the halls they will glare and even insult me in the hall ways and I am still polite to them because I don’t like to be rude and I can understand on some level. I am doing the best I can in my position though.

It’s so frustrating though. I wish I didn’t have to live under these conditions, but I do, so this is what I have to deal with. 😦

2 thoughts on “Neighbor complaints

  1. When you live in apartments you just have to live with a few things. When I lived in apartments the kids upstairs would roll a bowling ball across the floor all the time and once flooded my apartment. Did get the flooding stopped be remained friends with those upstairs.

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