Niki’s going back words

So the other day when Niki had his Autism session with the workers I hired there was construction noise outside his bedroom window where he was and he got frightened and ran from the room in tears and has since not alowd me to bring him back into the room, which means his sessions have been taking place in the living room with me which I am not so happy with.

I mean I love him and all but the were not only benificial for him, but a time for me to rest while he had his sessions and now he is in the same room I am. He wont go back into the room. He sleeps in my bed and now his sessions are in the same room. It’s frustrating to me. I’ve got not me time away to just take a breather and catch up. He’s so GO GO GO and as an epileptic its really hard to keep up and this was a time that I could. I had a seizure today so I was really wiped out today and I had to stop myself from falling asleep because I never got that time to rest.

I have spoke to the workers and now transitioning back into the room is a top priority. I would love for him to be able to sleep in there to, but who knows when that will happen. I hope soon.

2 thoughts on “Niki’s going back words

  1. I read your blog and an image comes into my head of you up to your neck in a lake. Your arms swinging around wildly trying to stay afloat. The haunting thing is that your eyes are wide and looking at me with a confused look. They look like they are saying help but there is also a hint of confusion and exhaustion in them. It’s hard to explain. There even flashing moments of a look like you want to stop swinging your arms and just sink. It’s that look that terrifies me the most. Your a strong woman. But, nobody can tread water alone forever. So, I just want to express as best as I can, your not alone. There are people out here on the internet who really truly care about you. People who pray for you because they care. There are your children who are still to young to express how much they care about you. Some of them don’t see you all the time but they would miss you if they didn’t see you at all. And, of course there are the ones with you now. Nobody cares for them as much as you, their mother does. You have to remain here for them. You know the province can’t provide them the love you do.
    Mandy, there are numbers for people who feel like they are at the end of their rope, so to speak. If you feel the rope slipping through your fingers, PLEASE call one of them. IF you just want to talk with another adult, there are adults out here who want to talk with you if it will help.

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