Dragon Love

I kind of just fell off of the planet there didn’t I?

Well I’m back and I apologize for the long break I took, I was really caving there in my personal life. I had been traveling on a shaky road for quite some time and finally the bridge is burned and a new meadow has opened it’s world to me and finally I know what sweetness is.

I was in the dark and afraid of the light because I never felt good enough for it’s beauty and every day I get a taste of it’s beauty and my worth and I rise higher and higher in belief, but also creativity, which is something I had lost for a long time. I lost touch of my self there and it scared the crap out of me, but I’m back and I’m ready to spit out fire like a happy dragon ready to take on the town and spread it’s wings and soar.

What? dragons are mystical beings, not evil. After all in fairy tale books, they were only protecting the princess from unworthy men. :p

If only we all had a dragon like that ladies.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Love

  1. Wish you wouldn’t do that! I’ve been worried about you. When the 28th came and went with no word about going for your tests I got even more concerned that something had seriously happened to you or the results were deadly or…. all kinds of thoughts going through my mind. (short trip of course lol)

    This post is uncharacteristic for you. It’s short! LoL Oh where oh where did our novelist go?

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair. Let me come yonder and hear of your tale. Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair. Let me and your dragon come up there. We’ll lie at your feet and listen with glee. To every word uttered by such a beauty as thee.

    1. What direction has your creativity taken you?
    2. Where did the upbeat attitude come from? New meds? New boy? Someone gave you a housekeeper? lol
    3. What’s on the horizon? Your looking out into the brightness of day but didn’t say anything about what you see.
    I’m waiting for a response Gorf

    1. hahahaha in time, young Gorf.. in time you shall hear a tale of dear delight in your ears, or see with thy eyes since this it a blog and you can’t exactly hear what is seen or see what is heard. Well.. perhaps that you can because when I read in my head I do infact hear the voice that reads it. Or does that mean I’m crazy? Maybe it’s my dragon reading to me, it would make sense considering I am in a fairy tale that isn’t once a upon a time, but a this is what happened in the tale. :p

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