let it rain

It never occurred to me, what life could be like in a flicker of light from the window ahead next to the lovely hung drapes. It never even phased me how an empty life is not an empty life. Simple things that are scarcely swept under a rug, draped in dust and dirt, in need of light to shed.

In seconds it began at night and he stood in the dark, it was a silhouette of a gorgeous man, who never knew. He never knew the love and he never knew care. He never knew when enough was enough and when a struggle and stress of a woman’s world would be too much. When he needed to be a man and give up foolish things. Where one lays waiting. Always waiting for play. Where one lay in darkness hoping he listens with care, speaks out of understanding, loves without fear. Comforts when lost and holds when struggling, even when it’s too much for him to bare. he would be there. But that’s not how things were and in me I played reality in a fantasy where everything was right and though the world crumbled and the walls shook around me, I kept faith and stayed for as long as I could.

Life doesn’t ever prepare u for what’s next. It doesn’t ever guard u from the rage and rath from someone’s lips. I couldn’t let go of a weed of potential to be what plays in my world of all right. But now I have learned lessons that would have never been learned and I understand things that had to be taught.

in this world that blinds so many more than one time, it drills us with wisdom through the acts of positive and negative consumption of every day life. It wields us in and out through a dragons fire burning out, from the mouth through the gritted sharp teeth  only to bring you to the clouds and have you falling in starfish down to the ground of ablivion.

I stand today wrapped in cotton of ever day life and I look out at opportunity waiting to be seen. I stand with courage and curve around corners, never to be seen. I remember heart ache and swallow grief. I pray with greens and talk to my friend of acient times in nights loom blanketing sun and bringing out moon.

it doesn’t have to be a lesson and it doesn’t have to be seen. It can be light when darkness sends its slife. It doesn’t need to be taken or given to gold. It doesn’t have to play a movie in your head only to control reality. It doesn’t have to be shame, or fall or cave in. It has to be understood and awakened. It has to be taught and seen in life’s greatness.

pain may come and it surely will go and to the mountains and the trees that grow, I will be at one with life right now. If you can’t control the water, control the wave.

I stand with tears but not of sadness, and not of pain. I stand with tears because I have realized my own strength.

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