Dinosaur tantrum

Blankets of bundle and moon of dear son, the light of their faces bring joy to my world. A laugh sends me flying, a hug melts me quiet and a word softly spoken lights the vocabulary on fire.

dances of small feet run through the small space, not more than large room, crowded in wall to wall clutters of stuff.

My worlds small, but too tall where I stand, sometimes the hands of time come tumbling down. Wicker and rattle, ball and toy trike. A thousand orange circles and an alphabet charm.

Loud screams raid the room and my head it does pound and the vein on my forehead becomes very pronounced. My nails scrape the ceiling and knees hit the ground, but I’m running circles playing can’t catch me now.

Lying in chocolate and food in my hair, no peace to have showers, no strength to clean hair.

There are shadows in the darkness but I am not scared. Monsters are so over and I will not fear. Dinosaurs are louder when kept in a chair.

Tantrum to tantrum, a loud rage it blares and fires its toys and shoots them in air.

popcorn goes flying like a bird without hair, if my eyes get more puffy I’ll look like a bear. I’ll growl in the sunrise and pull out my hair, red ribbons go flying and I’ll sit in my chair.


Spit It Out!

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