Loss For Directions

A fact about me is that I am clueless when it comes to directions. There are strengths and weaknesses in all of us and one of mine is finding my way around. I usually avoid disaster by having someone act as a guide for me and take me to places I have no idea where I am going to.

I have actually managed to get myself lost in my own town before and called my mom where I had to describe where I was and what was around me and the most I could give were details like. (There are trees and a rail road track near by.)

Ya it didn’t help my mom to help me with how to get back home, but I eventually made my way back to where I was and started on a different route and made my way to the bus stop and managed to get home. I try to avoid that sort of thing now.

I know my weakness for directions may be caused by my medication, or at least I’m going to blame it for that because it makes more sense and lets face it, its better than saying I just don’t know. (explanations are always good because they give understanding for actions.)

I find it hard to remember things like directions, if I have to remember I usually try and look at things like houses and trees and certain things that stand out that will help me remember. (you know, everything that’s not a sign.) After all who wants to remember the usual way, right.)

Spit It Out!

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