Sunken Starsship

The memories, there so far and yet they linger in silent movies played on motion. I stare blindly and watch us together, just to feel you again and stare into your eyes.

The endings of our times always bitter sweet and I bite my lip thinking about you in the cool wind as a storm rolls in. Darkness blankets the sadness and brings me hope that one day it wont end, but begin on full fountains and fly through wind in a strong getaway.

There is a learning process developing and the patterns swarms around me as I stare and wait for knowledge to come to me. We are molded by the world around us, we come and go through relationships and shed our skin as a snake does. We become someone else after every one and the someone you were will never be the someone you are. This journey never ends and I believe that we are becoming someone we need to be in order to fall together and fit , so we fall away and gain the tools we needed to gather and we couldn’t gain these tools without our history and the people we have encountered. We learn from each other in so many ways and the land and water waves its eyes of cloudy grey and I look to sky, but I’m falling for you over again.

I am at the nearing of an end before the beginning and it is the worst of it all and sinks down and drowns me until there’s no grounding. I’m at the edge of it all and I stand proudly because if there is a chance, then I will believe beyond all doubts. I will hold on and I will always keep a window open to my world. I do this, for only you. I do this because no matter our paths and how they get crossed I will love and cherish you as though my heart is whole. I will believe your in everything, you are still smiling somewhere and laughing, you are learning and loving. You was growing and maturing and even if it is not with me, I know your here.

Where you will always be, A winded word of solitude in a treasured tale of Jack and Jill

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