As many already know, Autism has a wide spectrum. It ranges from low functioning to high functioning.
The one thing that I find troublesome about the info on Autism is that many are ignorant when it comes to it. I in know way mean to point at anyone, because ignorance is simply a word that means (Lack of knowledge.) It is neither bad nor good, it is simply fact.

I would like to shed a bit of my own perspective on the matter. You may ask yourself, who am I to think that I have any right to speak an opinion on the matter and I say this. I may not have any degree in Autism Knowledge but what I can say is, is that I have children who have Autism so I know first hand the struggles and beauty of the diagnosis.

My children are my greatest joy and greatest struggle in life and to me they push me to be a better person and mother to them. I consider then angels in disguise, they see the world in a different perspective and for myself I can relate to that. I know I do not have Autism but I have Epilepsy as well as Dyslexia and Anxiety and it has been a constant struggle to fit into this world.

One thing you may read or hear from society about Autism is that one with this diagnosis has no empathy and no social skills and although on many levels that may be so, it just isn’t so. Allow me to elaborate on that for a bit so you get where I am coming from.

I feel in my own opinion that through my many years of observation and watching my own children go through the struggles as well as myself; I have come to the realization that it isn’t that these children have lack of empathy or lack of social skills. UN the contrary, in fact it appears that they struggle with the ability to deal with situations and people the way that an average child would and I really dislike using that word. (Average)  But you will best understand what I mean by that.

Let me place you in a picture… (Just for fun, shall I) Let’s take a peek into a new world for a minute to grasp the fact.

You are surrounded by a busy moving world, noises, voices, stimulation from all places and people. Like walls closing in on you, you see peoples mouths move and you hear their voices speak to you, you notice the details of their face and their movement and you stare and observe everything. You take  it all in, but for some reason, what people are saying doesn’t seem to register. It’s lost on you and you try so hard to make sense of it but all this stimulation is overwhelming. You understand the basics, the details the things that can get you by. You understand simple things and your good at certain things more than the average child. Not to say that an average child doesn’t, we are all great at certain things. We all have gifts that shine more than others.

You in a way are in a prison because you want so badly to fit in and understand what people are saying and the way life is meant to work. You depend on those you trust in to have your best interest and needs and require the patience of those to guide you through this fast moving world of so much detail and information coming at you.

You see someone hurt, having tears and becoming angry. You see struggle and feel it so much but no way do you understand what to do. You are frozen. You are without words fore you cannot put into words what you are feeling and it’s frustrating and overwhelming and no one sees it. Many look at you like your an alien to this world and maybe in a way you are because you don’t fit the mold that many force society to fit.

You see… children and adults with Autism do not lack Empathy, they have a lot of it. They feel at an ultra sensitive level, more feeling than input and it’s challenging for them to turn it off and enter our world that moves so quickly. That is why they work best in environments that are set at a pace that is susceptible to their growth. They need things to slow down.

They love hard and care much and it’s only their lack of understanding how to deal with it and release it where they struggle. Where they are misunderstood. Autism is complex and it is hard to really get a grasp on what it actually means.

Just know that when you have the chance to interact with a child of Autism, know that everything your hearing, seeing, smelling… all their senses are on high, like when I person loses their sight or hearing and other senses heighten. I believe it’s a lot like that. All their senses are heightened and their mind is not able to process it all enough to understand simple things that come so easy to many. Tying your shoes, dressing yourself, understanding language, using words, interacting with others.

Be kind and understanding and open your mind up and the best way to enter someones world is to put on their shoes and imagine the struggles they must face. Not in your position, but in theirs.

Also those who care for children who face this, look at them as their guide and their voice. They are guardian angels of them, and all who work with the child act as such as well.

To me, Autism is beautiful, because feeling too much shouldn’t be seen as something bad, it should be welcomed and embraced, after all this world lacks feelings and acceptance. So welcome difference no matter if your child… or anyone has Autism or not.

We all just want to feel we belong, we all want to feel as close to home as we can, and loved for what we are, not who we should be.


Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Autism

  1. Hi Mandy,
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention asburgers syndrome. That is the special name for those who actually do have trouble with social skills. I know it’s part of the rainbow of conditions but… it is a bit special compared to other shades of autism.
    What brought this up today? Is everything ok?

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