Open Doors “Law Of Attraction”

The Universe listens to the silent voices that call out from the depths of the earth. Answering out questions and guiding us. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what we have in our lives and so easily we steer off track from our journey taking a joy ride into the darkness forgetting the star that shines for each of us.

Light is easily missed in the shadow and the door seems locked by a key hole that has given you all the wrong keys, but fear not because the key is in your pockets and accessible to all who reach in and take it into their hands and slide it in and unlock the world around them.

I was blind to this, swallowed by my own weakness and causing friction where there is answer. I have seen the door and it has opened into light and with the love and guidance of those around me, my prayers were answered and the light shined bright upon me. The sun is shining down on me and for the first time I see… no.. I know that everything I wanted I already have. Every possibility and opportunity is present and with this I take my first steps into the light and shine with the star that graciously guides me.

I feel the energy swirl around me, rustling the branches of the trees surrounding me in a joyous dance of harmony and grace. I feel the vivid sensation of love of life pearl through me and I am flying. No… I am soaring through the air in a gracious dance, nothing holding onto me. My wings are open and I am gazing upon the world with new eyes and new adventures awaiting me.

I am alive and I am free and I am where I want to me. I have everything I need and want and nothing that isn’t possible of reach. My hands are full and my heart is singing, I am awakened to the universe and it’s wondrous glory.

The door swings open and light shines in.

“Here I am!”

Spit It Out!

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