Toe Reading

I recently joined a Spiritual group on Facebook, which has been a huge outlet for me. I have been an awakened soul since I was a young girl and it’s hard to find others who share the same spiritual views as myself. Who have gifts as well and it was nice to find this group where I can be myself.

The other day I got a toe reading done by someone in the group, which surprised me in how accurate it was. I had never heard of toe readings before then, I love learning gifts that exist in this world. It’s amazing to me how many people have them. I always felt alone.

You see I believe and have always believed a group of people came to earth who possess special gifts. The healers of the earth’s people. Ones who will change the world in many ways. Spread truth and show people the way through their knowledge, experience and heal those in need who seek it out.

Here is my reading below.



Right Big Toe, Ether Toe, Destiny Toe

This is how you show up in the world and how the world sees you. I am getting that there are some in the world sees you as maybe a little square and living the normal like. I don’t think they see the spiritual gifts that you have within. You have strong and lots of spiritual gifts.

You are a little divided in the feeling of how the world sees you and how you want to be seen. You seem to walk a straight path, yet your are looking to make a change in the future. Your toe is telling me you at times feel trapped on the path you are on, you had a strict upbringing. Learn to let yourself go and be unrestrained. Your divided feeling is living the life you want vs the one you think the world wants you to live.

You have a Queen’s Toe, You have the power and the skills to be a leader, you seem to both want and not want this in your live it almost feels like the parts you want it in are great, but the parts you don’t seem to add stress. Yet that’s not totally clear.

Second Toe, Air Toe, Communication Toe

This is how you communicate with the world around you. You listen, you speak the truth. You have some anger or frustration in your words lately and you can be very blunt when the time calls for it. You don’t hold back.

Yet you listen. You know that not everything is spoken. You don’t like what you are hearing in some areas though. This also leads to anger and frustration.

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