So… today I was waiting for my son at school to pick him up and while I was waiting a little boy called out to me.

“Ruffles! it’s Ruffles” He said.

I wasn’t sure why so I stood quietly and stared and he came closer with a big smile and said, “Your ruffles because your rough around edges. That’s what you do. Ruffles.” And then he ran off smiling.

I’m not sure why or what brought it on, he was just a little boy probably in first grade. It was very cute, so I decided to look up the word and got this which made the most sense to me.

Etymology: based on the idea of a bird whose feathers are not smooth because of fear or excitement.

I guess I am Ruffles because I am very excitable and my feathers are easily Ruffled by fear and excitement. Flapping my wings all over the place and trying to fly away when I’m scared. I’m definitely rough around the edges, but I have a good heart and good intentions. šŸ™‚ Was very cute.

Kind of made me go “Hmm and is this a message from an angel ? ” Ha!

Yeah I know what your thinking… “Not everything people say are messages from the beyond, but in my belief that’s exactly what certain random things are. Especially when someone says something out of context who doesn’t even know you. Something that just comes out. I guess if this is the case I’m suppose to smooth out my feathers or embrace my Ruffles. :p

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