Believe In Yourself

When you finally wake up and realize the truth about something, you gain the strength to rise above it and come out flying. You know like superman. See.. sometimes in life we have to go through many battles, sometimes it’s just a complete war zone one after another and for some reason you manage to make it out alive and your looking out at the stars and the beauty still remains somehow.

My heart is a lot like that if someone takes the time to truly understand. It has endured many wars and I’ve come out flying, but there is a beauty there that is undeniable, if only someone would really look. But sometimes all you can do is just accept that in a world of chaos and war and greed… you must always remember your heart. Something that will forever remain beautiful. Just gotta keep breathing in the love and fly like superman. Fly on, Fly on little bird heart. Sing away!

I stand with a bruised heart, I have had to face the beasts and demons since a young girl and life never stopped swinging. I endured and I rose above it with a high head. I know it’s hard to believe in ones self when others put you down. I understand how bulling can crush a human heart. I know that there is good in everyone if others only look and I know that we are equal but some how life has cut our connection.

You see in my opinion I see we work as an electronic needs the right cord to plug into. We are living breathing connections, searching for our right cord to tap into. We search for the connection in everything and sometimes it’s hard to find and you begin to believe that they stopped making yours.

I have watched my word fall apart and lost many who were close to me through a storm against my ship, but I stand here with an open heart and wings of feathered fluff. I know that what ones sees does not make it true. I know that when their mean, it’s not always caused by me. I know that we each face a battle and I’ll be there to help you win. I see the world differently and sometimes it gets dismissed.

I do not understand, but I do so many things. I can understand reasons of actions and I can understand how it works but I do not understand because to me my heart just doesn’t feel that way or see the world as is.

I can tell when someones lying and when their angry with only just their words, it’s in the tone and way they say it and what is being said. I can understand the depth within without understanding why that is. I can see a glimpse of the future when I ask the universe to show me. I can meditate and fly and feel the wind beneath my wings again, for I used to be an angel until I signed that slip.

I remember before this time and I remember my other lives. The world is filled of so much hope which so many deny. I feel as though I’ve been locked in the shadows and the demons strive to win. I feel as though the angels are bringing all the light so I can escape this darkness that is causing all my dips.

I feel like I can heal the sick and heal the broken hearts, I feel like I could be a voice for others and lead us to the bridge. I feel like I am superman and I’ll help you feel the same, because in a world of greed and hunger and pain, we must all hold our frame.

Be a light for others and look within and you’ll find the light within because when you believe in yourself and trust your intuition and stand by your heart and opinions and all your truth you feel forced to hide. Let it all out, let the good of you glow and shine bright and forget the people who try to burn it out.

Many will put you as an egotistic, manipulative cold hearted monster like me for believing in yourself and knowing your worth, but in my books it’s a good quality to feel good about yourself and I know there is a difference between believing in ones self and loving yourself and knowing your worth and you talents, than thinking your better then anyone. We are equals and we should encourage others to be themselves and love themselves. There is too much chaos and control and lack of kindness in this world that we endure from others to allow ourselves to be victims instead of the leading lady or man in our lives.

Be who you are, trust in yourself and know the good in you and stand proud.

Let’s win this battle!

Spit It Out!

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