Science & Spirituality

there is more, more than we can see, more then we can feel.

Science is the logic and spirituality is the heart.

There is a huge source of energy that emerged which brought about life and from that we are all connected to everything and we share the same mother ship meteorically speaking of course.

There is more than just us, there are many life forms and many dimension, many worm holes of the undetected and unidentifiable  to this form.

We search for our closest connections, the electrical serge that streams through us and out of us connecting to everything around us. The trees, the air, the smell and the feel of the wind on your skin. The heat and strength that comes from the sunlight when it rests down on you. We are a part of everything and everyone.

We each have destined guides that walk long side of us, our team, our healers and our guides.

Odd thing just happened, one of those unexplained things. I wrote a lot more than the above, information my higher self knew and shared and then my computer blinked and that part was deleted. and this is all that remained from it. So I take that as a message you are not meant to know it. Or not yet at least or perhaps it’s information I wasn’t even meant to discover but did. Either way, it was weird. I like weird so I’m cool with it.

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2 thoughts on “Science & Spirituality

  1. would love to see what was deleted one day. It has been proven that humans do have somewhat of an electric current im their body. Not exactly like electricity but close and very well written (not surprised) about the difference in science and spirit items, even though science does back some things believed by spiritual people more than most realize

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