My take on human-interactions faults

People thrive off of human-interaction.

As you know it’s very essential to what makes us who we are and how we view the world around us and most importantly, how we then treat others.

I would like to strongly note that this is merely my opinion and mine alone, I do not claim this information to be what is accurate or mean judgement on what I cover here. This is merely my view… Thank you for reading.

Every day we interact with people of all kinds, with different back grounds and experiences that have shaped us along the way. I for one have lived a hard life and I don’t add that lightly. What I have had to experience has had a huge impact on how I view the world and the ways people interact.

There is a fault that I have noted for many years of my existence and allow me to dive into that now.

I was bullied as a child in school, my family is what you would call “not average”  We were loud and obnoxious and most of us would hang with the groups you would call, “a bad influence.” But in truth that is merely masking the depth which is merely “Our choice in company based on who we find comfort in.”

I’ve had many instances where authority figures, “male” would try to control my actions and who I am. Men who would turn my kindness and trust in people into an easy target. Someone who they believed because of my good nature that I could be easily manipulated and when I couldn’t… Well lets just say it caused emotional trauma towards me.

What we go through shapes us as individuals either positively or in a negative way in order to survive and walk on from our encounters and experiences. I have taken the positive way. Things I have experienced, human interactions that caused me trauma has caused me to think deep and really look at the depth at all angles and understand it. As you probably already gathered through your own is without understanding, knowledge is mute.

The faults in human-interaction stand out to me like colorful bricks in front of me, when before were blurs I couldn’t focus in on until I went soul searching to really understand the underlining scars that human-interaction has caused in me. I do not place blame because if not for my lack of understanding and my inability to know what was feel good from what was bad, being an abused child and teen… I had what you would call, if I may… “An innocent outlook”

I see time and time again through observing and experience that when people interact most are very unkind with their words. Not aware of the impact their words will have on those around them; but the thing that baffles me the most is that people like this relate well to another and it is seen as a good thing so it keeps happening. No one evolves. Not to say that it’s impossible. We lack the understanding of the effects, only looking to ourselves and that alone.

There is a lack of compassion for others and I find that many cannot relate to people who see the world for what it is and understand that we need a positive interaction. It strengthens who we are, we rely on others to help us and when there isn’t anyone we must settle for ourselves. Reassuring and reading… becoming a loner by survival.

Things that need to change are as follows…

People need to look within and understand why they express their selves in anger, passive-aggressive behaviour, defensive and closed off.

When interacting with others, have an openness to really get to know the depth of someone. By understanding and listening to their words and what they are trusting to share with you.

Do not try to bring down someone to relieve stress that you feel, instead put it on the table and ask for them to take a moment to listen to something you need to share and receive comfort or understanding on.

Have the ability to be non-judgemental and supportive, you can have an opinion which is very essential in remaining true to ones self, but be open on where it’s coming from and choose your moments.

Do not be a side liner who notices someone struggling to carry something or needing a friend or a hug and making the decision to turn your back on them because it would interfere with your day. Like they are an inconvenience.

Don’t set people on a list of importance, this isn’t a competition, everyone matters. If a tree falls in the woods is it still heard? Yes I believe it is, the universe is alive, trees are alive, roots are alive… something or someone heard it. Scientifically I find this to be correct, therefore it still holds importance.

Be kind to people. Despite everything you have endured, despite the bitterness it caused you and the people that treat you with unimportance during your hardest times.. or best of times. Be kind anyways because the fault in human-interaction is lack of caring for those around us and what we hold precious.

Our opinions, our views, our experience and knowledge and that fact that we exist and are striving to go on no matter the rejection we receive through simply being who we are.

Some are blessed to have a surrounding of people that do this act of kindness and give where they can through interaction.

Then there are the unlucky ones like myself, who have little to no good interactions that help bring us comfort in good and bad that goes on during our everyday lives and can only turn to ourselves or a higher power to provide such things as a way of survival.

So be kind in words and actions because without knowledge and understanding one cannot evolve beyond what we are.








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