Playing the victim

The mind was my prisoner and it had been chained by my thoughts and feelings of acting as victim through much I have endured, but I am here and I have survived. I am a victor of my life.

I remember after certain events of my life, I was stuck in a tornado of doom that seemed to linger and the further I twirled the more situations I was thrown into that only brought damage to my soul, but most of all my perception of myself and others.

I would have many moments of feeling as though the world was out to get me and people wanted nothing but bad for my well being. Although some cases it may be so by observing the facts through actions and expression. Most times, they were merely feeding me what my soul wanted even though I didn’t want that truly. I felt victimized by my own life and mind and became overwhelmed by helplessness.

Abuse seemed to follow me through life like a grey cloud, never bringing forth sunshine and I felt deprived of what every one seemed to have effortlessly.

Looking back after realizations of myself through healing and knowledge I have obtained through experience. I began seeing the truth that was so hard to accept seeing through the eyes of a victim, and that is.

I am a warrior and I have overcome many battles. I am alive and I am happy and I have achieved many things. I am known for my kindness and my creativity which makes me very happy. We were not meant to be victims of our lives, we were meant to be warriors and fight our way through it. Conquer our battles and rise above what clouds roll by. Standing on a mountain top roaring to the sky in brilliance of our life.

We were not born to be slaves to ourselves or others, but enriched and learn and keep our heads high. We are God’s of ourselves and our lives, we choose whether or not it’s allowed. Do not give up what is rightfully yours. “your self-power”

What I have learned is I am not a victim and choose not to be, because what I have gone through, though life shattering at the time. I am a better person and through these experiences I have learned that I could have shifted my mind-set and perception at anytime and that was on me. I may have been a helpless child at one point, but I am not now. I may have fell victim to my own mind and perception because of that, but I am a warrior standing proud of who I am with the strength, knowledge and power to see that I can do anything.

You to, do not have to wear the cloak of sadness, you can set it down and roar loud and stand proud because from this day forward the only way to live the life that you want is to change it. Shift your thinking because everything begins with the mind.

Embrace your inner warrior 🙂

Thanks for reading my King’s and Queen’s

You are Blessed

Have a glorious day 🙂

Spit It Out!

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