I’m Weird and I Love it!

Some people will only like you if you fit inside their little box.

Don’t be afraid to shove that box up their ass!

I’ve met some pretty cold ass people and I’ve also met some pretty amazing people. I’m not here to tell you everything will be okay, because it wont always be. Remember that struggle builds a strong foundation. It puts you in the deep end and makes you fight to stay alive. You learn how to swim the current instead of against it and you realize that the only life support is that of yourself. Sure there are those who will reach in and try and pull you out and these people are exceptional and inspiring. Make sure you remind them of such because it is a rare quality this life has dismissed because it is easily given by those.

At times of my deepest despair and struggle I have had people step in and help keep my head above water and I always remember such greatness, but in times of greatness or times I need a friend, or a comforting voice to hold me and remind me of my greatness, there is few that were actually present. It seemed that it took me drowning for someone to want to step in, not because of their care, but because of what it meant to be someone who watched and did nothing. Very selfish act and yes I know that seems quite difficult to understand or accept because it was an act of kindness through outsiders eyes, but to your own it was merely an act of self.

Wrap your brain around that one.

I’ve been told that I think too deeply on things and some would claim it is I who makes it more than it is, but the truth of the matter that their pretty little pea sized brains can’t manage to understand, is that I see the cards before their dealt and I know exactly the intention you intend me not seeing.

I believe in the “do onto others as wanted on you” My mama taught me this as a young girl and it is something I have always lived by and value. No matter the stones other people cast upon you, stand strong and do not pick up a stone and toss it back. Instead use your head and your heart which is something they can never defeat. This is something that is yours and yours alone.

I’ve even had family members treat me in such ways that make me feel un-important. An inconvenience to give a little bit of love and understanding. Show some support and build me up even if I’m standing on top of a mountain and not beneath the dirt.

It is an incredibly awful feeling, but what I take from it is not only the memory and the feeling of it, but how I chose to rise above it and I must share with you somethings special and of great importance, that you yourself may need.

“I’ve learned how to be strong alone.”

“I don’t get mad, I get distant.” Until my importance rises in your foresight and you value my opinion, my life, my greatness and the kindness I give on a regular basis, no matter how I am treated or seen.

“A *uck you goes to every person who ever took advantage of my kindness”

Yes.. it is harsh in words, but it stands true. Do not allow others to bring you down because your lights too bright they have to put on shades to hide from. Keep being the sun for them and eventually their eyes will adjust. Maybe not today or even tomorrow; but in time. When they are ready, which is when they come to a realization, which we all do at different times.

Not only have I had to endure harshness with family and people who fooled me into thinking I had a friend, but I’ve had to endure it with partners who I thought understood the fairness of my heart and intellect and passion of my mind that over came many battles I fought alone. I was fooled many times, but I cannot be fooled by this again and even if I know I’m being fooled, I stare it in the face and keep silent. I stand in distance until I am accepted and seen. I am patient.

Do not be fooled by my silence to call you on your bullshit, because it is when I am silent you should be worried. My boat has already sailed and the only way to get on board is to swim.

“If your not willing to face the waters your not able to be in the safety of my boat and sail the seas together.”

I am weird in all my greatness, not just a pretty face or a kind heart, but a deep thinker, a dreamer. Someone who looks at all angles of things and sees the beauty even in the darkest of things and that may make me seem a bit nuts, but nuts are pretty damn good. “I hope I’m a Pecan” “Their my favorite” Ha!

I want to let you know that I do know how much you show your support by reading my blog or commenting and I want you to know I see it and appreciate your kindness and opinions.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my words and I hope they give you new insight of the world around you.

I want the very best for you all. ❤




2 thoughts on “I’m Weird and I Love it!

  1. “Some people will only like you if you fit inside their little box.
    Don’t be afraid to shove that box up their ass!” Bahahahahahahahahah! Yas!

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