Warrior Knight

There are many many people

Some people I don’t like

These people take for granted, everything in life

You give them all your kindness, They slice you with their knife

Cutting all the beauty, with no care of your fight

You battled and survived in a world that don’t play nice

a lesson of this simple world, has made you pay the price

and in return you give them, all the fighting right.

But know that you don’t have to be so brave to win this fight

There are many many people, who speak you to the ground

till you crumble in your standing and climb till  you’ve lost count

But know your inner grounding and refuse to face the fight

Cause you are not a victim from the carvings of their knife

So paint your face and dress the part, reveal your hidden scars

And those who tare you down, will know they’ve lost the fight

cause your the one who rose to be the knight

Oh I’d like to see them do this, shoe on the other foot

But truth be told that they don’t stand a chance against your hooves

You’ve walked a wreckage worthy, to be a golden knight

and here they are a burning from the fires of your life

Let them burn out their fire, like a dragon on ice

Let them think they won, let them take on the fight to the weak or nice

They don’t stand a chance

Cause the blood inside a warriors heart is hell in all she wrote

and evil is the eye of storm, the calm is just as well

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