What Relationships Have Taught Me

The first feelings of compassion, love, sweetness, moments of bliss will fade into lack there of.

Who you are that you were loved for will fade into a negative.

Everything you are is wrong and names will title you.

Treating you with disrespect is the way they show they love you.

Seeing each other is over rated

Lack of compassion is simply you being too sensitive.

True love isn’t magical, it is just a fabric that covers you in the beginning

Showing love through the little things is a waste of time.

In the end you only have yourself because by then you realize you never really had their love to begin with.

Love has become cruel because once you let it in it seems to give the permission to be mistreated, disrespected and forgotten while you remain in love because as the girl who always believed in happily ever afters and true love and showing it everyday… only pushes them away because you are a dreamer and unlike the beginning when it was magical for the both, it is simply just a memory now that their true nature has come into play which slashes you down for it.

But in the end I am still me… A dreamer, a lover, the hopeful and a woman who believes that such things are possible and it’s only a matter of finding it. It is a long wait, but I have waited long and if I have to, I will wait longer to feel the same love and magic that I give out.

Until then… I will be the magic for the both of us

Cause love is endless and magical and full of hope if only we stop labeling love as something other then that, because of what we go through. Don’t let cruelness become what defines love… it isn’t love.

Love is beyond all that.

Keep loving, be kind to others, hold your loved ones close and don’t be afraid to show it because of fear or resentment….

Love will heal all


3 thoughts on “What Relationships Have Taught Me

  1. I am sorry you have had such horrible experiences and frankly I dont understand it considering the kind of person you are. But I dont think all love is like this or at least should be like this. I think false love is like this. We as humans tend to jump into things and we think things are the way we want them to be at first then reality sets in later. I think true love has its share of problems yes but a person really in love would never treat someone the way you have posted in the above imo. Dont give up. A person as fantastic as you deserves a true love

  2. Do you feel that you are the only one who goes through that which you write here? Or, do you think you are expressing what everyone experiences? There must be an awful lot of good actors going around acting happy if you believe it’s everyone’s fate to feel this way.

    1. i think everyone goes through their own experiences. no matter the situation. and grow through it. this is what relationships have taught me as the title states. I have had a harsh experience. it is my own, n mine alone.

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