Indigo’s Here Say I

This world has been an incredible learning process, there is something to learn from quite an unusual formed world such as earth.

Yes I realise I sound kind of alien saying that, like I’m some visitor from another planet and for many of us that seems to be the case. :p Am I joking though?

I’ll let you decide that one…

You see as a young girl I knew the magic of the world, it was always something that came natural to me. The ability to see beyond what is and ask for guidance from the spiritual whelm… It was just something I knew inside that came naturally that many of us are just now staring to discover as the world ages towards a new era. Yeah I know… blah blah blah…

There is so much mystery in this world that the spiritual whelm cannot teach, but as I grow older I realize so much more and my perception keep growing stronger and stronger. I’m sure you have felt it unraveling for awhile now, or perhaps not. Depends on your openness to the in-explained because as you know life is full of surprises like that.

I lived in a world through my own eyes filled of chaos and cruelty and it is something I have had to grow from, but not without discovering parts of myself that I have forgotten in this world. I am used to the magic that can’t be explained of seen. I am used to the abilities that I once found so easy in a world without matter. In a spiritual whelm of the fourth dimension that many have not even wrapped their pretty little heads around to leave the openness of discovery.

There is an evil in this whelm and it has always left me feeling alone and filled with sadness especially the lack of magic that I have because of it.

The knowledge I have gained through the experiences I have had to face has only made me more aware of it, but not in the same ways I knew of it. In a whole other way. I know this all sounds like mumble jumble and perhaps it is, this is just my story and mine alone. It isn’t like I’m some well known guru teaching lessons of the world. :p

I only know what I know and I only can speak what I have the knowledge to form into words.

Life throws swords at you if your different like myself and those swords aren’t anything what you think they are. Their purpose is for strengthening you and guidance. The experience teaches you something about yourself, something you would have learned far later, but in this fast rising world of chaos it is needed to learn fast and efficiently in order to get things done and put into place for the right time. If you get my drift.

I might add I am drinking writing this, but I had an explosion inside of my brain and the fires of creativity have rose and I must write this now before the memory fades. I may talk in circles a bit so please be patient. My point I’m getting at though is this.

There are going to be times you want to give up because of the obstacles and battles you have to face.

There are going to be times when you feel like you are an outcast and no one understands you.

There are going to be times you want to give up on things and people you love because they just don’t get it.

Where you wish you were different, but know this Indigo children, that we are not here to fuss about all this, it is an on going process. it is shaping us and opening us up, our third eye our look into the fourth dimension that is linking up with the third and we need to be at our best to help other move forward.

Okay that’s all I can discuss for now.

Do not let the world make you who you are, trust in yourself and your abilities and stay aware. It is apparent that you keep your senses open for the signs placed for you in order to reach full awareness.

To my Indigo Friends out there.

Old Eyes See You!








One thought on “Indigo’s Here Say I

  1. I think nearly everyone in the world right now has a feeling that things are about to change regardless of their nationality or their religion. I just think their are people like you that have an ability to feel it more strongly and perhaps be able to understand it more

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