A look into my soul of wonder is a starlight place filled with wonder and imagination which is merely memory of my existence that transcends into magical crystals floating through space as far as the naked eyes could encounter. I am a myth, a way of the word that rolls off of your tongue without reason. I am a healing that leaves you stronger and yet I fall like a star when I am hurt. It doesn’t take much to hurt this star.

My way of life is on another planet compared to the lives many live and my experiences have been rough to encounter never to be understood by the humans around me and yet I am still here. It has been God through my long journey that has held me when my feet weaken and when I feel I had failed, he is there to open my eyes and shine new light on the sides of the crystals I had missed. He is my guide as he is yours, so we are not so different after all.

My skin is young and healthy and my soul is old and experienced. My heart is strong and beats of love and passion, fire flies flicker and my heart beats to the music of their shining ends. I am the wonder and magic and many miss that light.

I am the hidden, but seen.

I am the known, but lost to most.

I am the wave, but still water.

I believe in God and in the universe and all it possesses and I believe in the magic of life. I look to the world with possibilities and hope. I fall like a star but I rise like the sun each day, each time. I burn creative magic and I share it with all of you simply because I am healing the earth one by one through my energy. It’s hard to see when you don’t look and it’s hard to understand what you don’t take the time to know. A lot like how you see me most of the time.

I am patient and I will wait for you.


20 thoughts on “Distant Star

  1. Woah, Mandie. Is this just a peep into all that is in your soul? This is really moving and very deep. I love the metaphors and personification you used as you revealed more of who you are. Love your page. Love your blog.

    1. Thank you, a glimpse is always enough to see the outlines of what lays within a heart that is so open. 🙂 Thank you for commenting on my blog and I am grateful you enjoy my page and love my blog. 🙂 Hope you fallow and keep reading.

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